As you know dance is a performing art. We put on shows and our pupils love performing in them, and parents and friends love watching them. We also use photographs and video on our website and in the occasional article in the press. In general our policy is to publish only first names, and recently we posted pictures of the winners in our ballet cup classes with just their first names in the caption or text. When we have a show, however, the programme lists both first and last names. The picture captions are of the characters rather than the performers.
We would not want to publish photographs if the persons concerned or their parents did not want us to. Nevertheless, I'm sure you will understand that, if we cannot publish a child's picture, it would seriously restrict how much the child could participate in our school activities.
We hope you are all happy for you or your child's picture to appear in this way. If you are not please send us an email to let us know. Jane and Holly