Data Policy

What data do we hold

When you enrol yourself or your child you give us your address, phone and email, age and information about the pupil.
In addition we record details of classes, clothing and other items requested by you as well as details of examinations, and outings you attend
When you ask to take an exam we obtain a personal information number from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
And we record the result of your examination
When you pay by cheque we record your cheque details
This data is necessary for us to manage school activities.

Where do we hold it and process it

Data is processed on a secure server not accessible from the internet
Some information is uploaded to our website where it is accessible on a secure server protected by passwords. This is to allow our teachers to look up details on pupils in the school.
Lists of pupils are prepared by all of our teachers eg for examinations or for shows
Sensitive information is not accessible to the general public
Backups of our data may be stored securely offsite

Email mailing list

In addition parent's (or adult pupil's) emails have been put on our database with Mailchimp. Very occasionally we circulate details of activities to this list. From 20/05/18 only those who have opted in will be added or emailed
Mailchimp puts an unsubscribe link on all bulk emails. Unsubscribing will remove your name from the mailing list though we will still retain your details on our customer database as this is commercially necessary

We do not exchange data with third parties and do not contact users except regarding activities at the hall or in the village

Data Retention

Data on our Mailchimp emailing list remains on the list until you unsubscribe. There is an unsubscribe link on every email we send out from this list

Security of your data

We have taken steps to ensure that all your data is as secure as possible