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Online Classes

We are posting online classes on YouTube
Starting Monday 20/03/20 We will be adding the videos as "private" videos to "unlisted" playlists
But unlisted and private items do not appear on our channel. So even if you are signed in to YouTube they will not appear on our channel. You will just see the two "public" videos.
screenshot of WBBS channel
And if you can see the two public videos it means you are not looking at a playlist but at our channel
Anyone with the link can see the playlist (ie the list of videos available for each class) as they are unlisted but not private
You either need the link to the playlist or the direct link to a video to watch a video.
Only those who are logged into YouTube with an email in the "allowed" list can view the video
Once you have the url of the playlist for your classes we will be adding classes every week and if you refresh your browser you will see the additional lessons. Please understand that there are 14 playlists and we currently have 141 emails of parents or pupils so it is not easy.
We are going to send you all the link to the Monday and Wednesday class playlists tomorrow (Monday 20th). So if you have classes on those days and do not get an email from us tomorrow with subject WBBS online playlists let us know. The Thu and Sat classes will go out on Wednesday.

If you are having problems look a my video or the tips below

How do you know if you are logged on

Logged on image

Or if you are accessing the Playlist

Logged on image
Not Logged on image
or on a mobile
Logged on but...
The last is when I had only put the email into one of the videos

If you are logged on but still cannot view the video

Go to YouTube home page and click on your icon (generally your head or something you uploaded) you will see details of your account.
Send me the email address of that account and I will add it to the list.

If you do not have a YouTube account

Click the sign on box and you can get a free account