Covid 19 policy


WBBS is implementing a phased return to activity from July 2020 until such time as all staff and pupils are safely returned to school and operating in a fully open, safe and secure environment with no COVID-19 related restrictions. This may take many months and so a phased return will require patience, resilience and considerable effort to ensure the school environment is safe, at all times, during transition. WBBS recognises that during this transition our core obligation is to ensure “so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of staff and pupils”. Ultimately, all need to know that the school is a safe environment in which to operate and learn.

This Return to School Policy is based on the transition from teaching being done remotely to on site teaching.

Risk assessments

The school has carried out a risk assessments directly addressing hazards associated with COVID-19 and operating safely.
Each risk assessment will require regular revision and should include but not be limited to assessing whether:

Note that the school is responsible for ensuring that:

Space management

The school will consider how Contact and mixing can be minimised as part of the planning and risk assessments: All staff, volunteers and pupils and eventually parents and visitors when allowed will be given a COVID-19 brief before arriving at school and a verbal induction as they enter school for the first time on:

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis as guidance and legislation changes.

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